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"After lengthy debates on various business adventures my wife and I came to the conclusion that I needed to exploit my artistic talents, something I have never done and learn to tattoo. The tattoo industry is not the easiest industry to break into and there are not many people willing to help, so with some 'internet bought' tattoo machines and some willing friends I endeavoured to self teach tattooing. The results were pretty OK but we both knew to open a studio and really push the boundaries, there were things I needed showing and fast. We managed to find a studio in Bath which - for a price was willing to accommodate me and give me a tattoo apprenticeship. So after having my art work approved and monies paid I went to Holy Skin tattoo studio in Bath.

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"I began my apprenticeship with Kouri Montana. He taught me the finer art side of tattooing and the various skills required to operate in a studio environment. I then went to Doc Croc, a true old skool tattoo artist, he basically taught me the meat and veg of tattooing - the stuff I'd need to survive in the tattoo world. I then returned to start my tattooing career with my wife supporting me and running the business side, in other words I was free to tattoo while she did the nitty-gritty stuff. We opened Art'n'Soul on September 7th 2009 and since then haven't looked back - the studio has undergone a couple of face-lifts as we try to get the environment just right so people of all types feel comfortable and welcome in our studio."



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